Watch on a 2nd TV

The first thing to think about is do you want different channel on each TV, If you do you will please call for details.

It's easy to install extra Sky boxes as you just have an extra cable run from the Dish to the second room for each T.V with each T.V that has a Sky Box getting a Fantastic picture in HD.

Different Channels on Different TV's at the same time


If you are happy for each T.V to get the same channel at the same time with an OK picture quality don't pay more for extra subscriptions just hook up all the T.V's to the same box. You can also change channels from other rooms by fitting a Sky Magic eye.

All TV's Get the Same Channels


If your Sky Box does not have RF2 Out Socket you will need an ioLink Adaptor.

Due to technical issues you will need an installer to plan how to connect your extra T.V's. Things to think about are, Does your sky box have an RF2 Out socket? If not you will need an IO Link. If you are connecting more than one extra T.V and you want to change channels in the other rooms you will need to change you aerial amplifier.

See the steps to follow:

Step 1

Run a Cable from RF2 Out to Second T.V. If you do not have RF2 Out socket you need an IO Link.

Step 2

To change channels you need a sky Magic Eye and Extra remote control.

Using these options gives you an OK picture on the second T.V. (Not a Sharp HD Picture)

You can get a Sharp HD picture but you do need the second T.V to have a TNT HD Tuner. You know if you have this if you can get TNT HD Channels like TF1 HD on Channel 51.


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