Sky HD Box Essentially, HD works by using more than four times as many pixels to create a picture compared to normal TV. This gives incredible clarity to images, with edges and lines looking more distinct. HD also uses millions more colours than normal TV, increasing the richness and intensity of everything you watch. And because many HD programmes are made with cinema-style surround sound, you can experience this in full with a compatible surround sound system.

To watch HD programmes you need:

  • HD Ready TV
  • HD Sky Box


The Recording HD Plus Box will need to be connected to a dish pointing at 28 East (Twin LNB with two cables for Recording HD Plus Box). If you live in the Geneva or bordering French region you can buy a box from  "Jim's in Gland"

South of France from Monaco to St. Tropez the local installers will supply and install a Dish & Box.

For all other areas please see your local satellite installer for advice on dish size and installation.

Sky Plus HD Wi-Fi Enabled Box with 12 months Warranty

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