HasEurope VPN Service

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How does it Work?

By entering your HasEurope VPN Username & Password when configuring the VPN in connection settings on your iPhone, iPad, Laptop, PC, Android Phone, Android Tablet you can use the VPN to access the BBC iPlayer, 4od, ITV Player, Demand 5 & Sky Go. You do not require the Hopper box.

We also have servers in the USA which you can connect too giving you access to services like Netflix & Amazon Instant Video. View any of these from ANYWHERE in the World!

If you would like to connect using devices other than a laptop, like Internet Enabled TV, Wii or PS3 games consoles or Freesat box you will need our "Hopper Box".

Whatever is plugged in or Wi-Fi to the Hopper Box will automatically connect through the VPN (UK or USA Models available)

You will need the Hopper Box for the following:-

Internet Enabled TV, Smart TV & Apple TV

Game Consoles - Wii, PS3 & X-Box

Media Players Such as Roku & DVD Players with Internet socket on the back

Kindle Fire for Netflix & Amazon Instance Video

Hopper Box €50 (Including Delivery)

€150 Euro yearly support fee for HasEurope VPN

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