BBC / ITV / Channel 4 & 5

Channel 5 (105) and Channel 4 Seven (140) are on a spot beam making their signal very strong in the UK and very weak in Europe.

In Geneva a 60CM Dish picks up these channels OK.

In the South of France the 80cm Dish we supply was working but small changes by the Satellite operator now make these channels either not receivable or receivable only some of the time.

Upgrading to a much bigger dish would help but the huge size of a 1.8 metre dish is not an option for most people.

On the 6th February 2014 all BBC / ITV / Channel 4 & 5 switched to the UK Spot beam of Astra 2 and require a larger dish to be receivable.

If you have a Sky Plus HD Box you can try our recommended VPN (click VPN Tab) and use Catch up services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD & Demand Five.

Sky Channels like Sky One, Sky News, Sky Movies, Sky Sports etc. are not affected and are easily receivable across Europe on small satellite dishes.




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